Capital: Yasooj

Number of Counties: 5

Area: From North to Chaharmahal and bakhtiari, from South to Boushehr and Fars from East to Isfahan and to West Khouzestan

Geographical Area: 15,504 km2

List of Counties: Dehdasht, Gachsara, Yasooj, Bahmai, Dena

Best time for travel: Spring and Summer


The roads in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province are incredibly beautiful in a way that when you start driving on them, you forget the destination and get lost traveling and watching the landscape. My trip to the province was in fact a road trip to enjoy the natural beauties of the area. But to my surprise, the trip had more profound impact on me and led me to much deeper insight about the history of the province.

Yasuj is the capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province. Yasuj municipality has erected a statue of Ariobarzanes in the square to pay tribute to an ancient Iranian hero. Ariobarzanes which in Farsi means exalting the Aryans was name of an Iranian general, a Satrap of Persis who led the last stand of the Iranian army at the Battle of the Persian Gate against King Alexander the Macedonian in the winter of 330 BC. After 30 days of resistance against the Ancient Macedonians, he was then killed together with his soldiers in the battle near Yasuj.


Carpet-weaving is a source of income for nomadic families of this province. It is done by women, who also get engaged in needlework and production of simple, traditional garments. The patterns of hand-woven rugs of this region are mainly in geometrical shapes.

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The people mainly speak in Lurish language. Luri (lori:) is a Southwestern Iranian language spoken mainly by the Lur and Bakhtiari peoples of the Iranian provinces of Lorestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad and parts of Khuzestan and Esfahan province and Fars provinces. Lori is a descendant of a variant of Middle Persian and is lexically similar to modern Persian. According to the linguist Don Stilo: 'Persian, Lori-Baḵtiāri and others, are derived directly from Old Persian through Middle Persian/Pahlavi'. These dialects are also referred to as the “Persid” southern Zagros group. The special character of the Lori language suggests that its spreading area was Iranicized from Persia and not from Media. 'Luri and Bakhtiari are much more closely related to Persian, than Kurdish.' And Lori also represents a language continuum between Persian language and Kurdish language varieties, and is itself composed of three distinct languages: Loristani, Bakhtiari and Southern Lori.